The Chandler Park Conservancy is a non-profit corporation, formed in 2014 by the Chandler Park Promise Coalition.  Its mission is to develop exceptional educational, recreational and conservation opportunities for youth, and people of all ages. Its vision is of a revitalized Park, which is a 200-plus acre park owned by the City of Detroit. Annual visitors have increased from 5,000 before the Conservancy to 65,000 pre-Covid. The Conservancy has five areas of concentration: (1) Greening the community through environmental leadership by maintaining marshland, having a self-contained storm water management system, and providing ecology-related education; (2) Improving community health through sports and recreation; (3) Building community through sports with basketball courts, tennis courts, a football/lacrosse field used by local youth teams, and a soon to be opened skate park; (4) Sustaining the community through urban gardening; and (5) Exercising leadership for a Citywide Detroit Park Coalition. To help the Conservancy, consider championing a project, connecting it with donors, donating money personally, or volunteering.