Christopher Bunch is the Executive Director of the Six Rivers Land Conservancy.
Six Rivers Land Conservancy is a private, non-profit land conservation organization working to sustain the quality and character of the natural resources around us.  Its mission is to conserve, sustain, and connect natural areas, lands, and waters that make the places we live special.
The primary way it fulfills its mission is through conservation easements which are legal agreements between a landowner and Six Rivers that permanently restricts the future activities on the land in order to protect its natural resources and conservation values.  This allows the organization to protect the land without owning it.
Another way that Six Rivers tries to preserve land is by purchasing it.  It’s in the process of raising funds to buy 300 acres of forested wetlands in Anchor Bay.  It also assists public agencies with land purchases as they try to qualify for state money through the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund.
Mr. Bunch noted that “nature is not just up north” and his hope is that the residents of southeast Michigan recognize the value of preserved land where they live and work.  To learn more, go to