Dan Dempsey is the VP of Sales and Operations at Hyer.
Mr. Dempsey talked about the “Gig Economy” which believes that, by 2020, 40% of the workforce will identify as independent contractors, working on their own time and schedule.  This is where Hyer comes into play.
Hyer is a new company doing work in the Detroit area with a goal of expanding internationally.  Its role is to facilitate an employer’s ability to hire a worker on a labor on demand basis.  Individuals can develop a profile (vetted by Hyer) on their website and, through a messaging system, introduce businesses to prospective workers. 
The company is looking to take the place of businesses like Kelly Services which are much more expensive and cumbersome.  With Hyer, you can hire an individual to fill an immediate need.  The businesses pay into an account for the work completed and Hyer then directs the payment to the independent contractor and supplies the 1099.