The club was excited to welcome Donnie Cook, owner of Lou’s Pet Shop! Donnie and his business bring so much joy to the community through pets, and have branched out into GP Zoology, located at 21151 Mack Ave.
Since last October, the 1,500 square foot facility has offered educational nature programs and can host schools, community events, scout badges, story times, science camps and private parties.
Mr. Cook has a federal license to rescue exotic animals, such as a 60 lb. tortoise that outgrew its home. Some of the animals, including an orphaned 2-toed sloth (who was fed zucchini during the talk) are ambassador animals for presentations. The facility also breeds animals, such as geckos and snakes for purchase and the eggs from the breeding process are available to be studied by the local high schools. (We also had the pleasure to see a 15-year-old tarantula).
The GP in its name has a double meaning -- Grosse Pointe, but also Green Planet. The company teaches one to be conscious of the environment with a motto of “education through nature.”
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