The USADD – GDA (greater Detroit area) has 70 years of experience serving people impacted by substance abuse, operating under the principle of Recovering with Dignity. There are three components of its service: prevention, treatment, and recovery.
Mr. Wade works in the area of prevention through S.T.E.P.S. (Strong Teens Excelling in Prevention Services). It accepts ages 12-16 and one can stay in the program through age 20. The goal is to prevent (or delay) the use of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs. Studies show there is less a chance of addiction the later one starts “experimenting”. The system offers year-round programming, twice a week. It also offers summer internships with activities, such as lock-in events and school tours, and has a radio show on WMKM 1440. (Covid has obviously impacted what is available).
Individuals can find the NCADD’s services through social media or by contacting them directly by phone.
To learn more, please visit: