Our presenter on Feb. 13th was Mary Short who is the Marketing & Programming Coordinator for the Grosse Pointe Public Library. (GPPL) 
As part of her job, Ms. Short is trying to increase public awareness, the number of cardholders, and the use of online databases.  She is also helping to create a new website and providing an overall refresh of the brand.  The GPPL’s strategy is to be an essential community resource with a key message of offering a free service to people of all ages in the Grosse Pointes and Harper Woods.
To make all of this happen, the GPPL has revamped its flyers and website with consistent colors and type face. It has increased its advertising and public relations though the GP newspapers and magazines and has enhanced its presence on social media.  It also has increased its community outreach which helps keep its name in the public. www.grossepointelibrary.org.