Pamela Good spoke the club as the Beyond Basics Co-Founder and CEO.
Beyond Basics is a nonprofit working to eradicate illiteracy, which it views as America’s largest and most solvable disability. It addresses the Literacy Gap, which includes any student reading more than one grade level behind. This is a huge issue, with 85% of the 43,000 Detroit Public Schools students falling into this gap. It may be surprising, but the percentage in the GP Public Schools is 31%. A child who struggles to read becomes an adult who struggles to succeed.
Beyond Basic’s solution is to provide intensive one on one hour long, daily, tutoring that delivers results: seeing students achieve grade-level movement in an average of six weeks.  This is done through four different programs. They offer 14-week Readiness for those two or more grade levels behind, 10-week Read to Rise for those at least one grade behind, 4-week Scholars for those less than one grade level behind, and Scholars Plus to assist with college and career readiness. Beyond Basics has a staff of just under 160, which includes paid tutors, and have impacted 90,000 students since incorporating.
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