Tonight we were joined by Tim Killeen the Wayne County Commissioner, who shared with us the inner workings of how our district is successfully cared for. 

Tim represents the 5 Grosse Pointes, Harper Woods, and a part of Detroit. He has been on the boards of several major community projects such as the morose greenway initiative. 

Being up to date on all issues within his district is of utmost importance to Tim. One of the issues was managing the juvenile detention facility which Tim has played a major role in its rearrangement. The reconstruction of the sea wall off lakeshore was another thing that Tim took upon himself to see carried out. 

Tim emphasized the importance of bonding with all the people he represents and being a voice for his voters. Standing for the voters and the people of his district is a priority for Tim. 

The best way to ensure the success of our community is by ensuring the success of other surrounding areas such as Indian Village, Harper Woods, and parts of Detroit. Tim drew attention to the growth of the east side as a whole and not just of individual areas. 
Tim concluded his presentation by saying, “What’s good for the east side, is good for all the east side.”