Bud and Sue Ozar are the founders of Friends of Kenyan Orphans
The organization is dedicated to raising and granting funds and resources to grass root organizations in Kenya which support a dignified life for orphaned or abandoned girls by providing basic human needs of food, shelter, clothing, education and healthcare within a safe and caring environment.
The Ozars talked primarily about the St. Clare Centre for Girls - a school and living facility that they raised funds to build in 2008 - for 350 orphaned or abandoned girls from ages 4 to 20.  The girls are rescued from slums, displaced persons’ camps (that arose from disputed election violence), early marriages, and female circumcisions.
The Centre operates under four pillars – work, study, prayer, and sport/exercise.  The Ozars are amazed at the amount of studying done by the girls who realize the importance of an education.  To this end, since 2014, the Ozars have been raising funds to pay for their graduates’ higher education – college, university, or trade school.
The Ozars have such a powerful story that 9 Rotarians committed $100 each to their cause.  Others are welcome to bring a check to the next meeting or donate on their website www.friendsofkenyanorphans.org.