Posted on Jul 15, 2020

After having just been awarded the Oil Can we got to enjoy Ted Coutilish's Red Badge Vocational Talk.

Ted first thanked all who have supported him as a new Rotarian – Ted Everingham, Mike Carmody, Mark Weber, Judy Masserang, and Phil MacKethan.

Ted was born in Detroit and has lived most of his life in Grosse Pointe.  Growing up, he wanted to be Oscar Madison (the sports reporting part, not the messy part) and was able to make that happen.  First, as a sports reporter for the GP North newspaper, and then as career.  He has been able to interview many sports stars, including Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

Seeing the JOA being implemented with the Detroit newspapers in the late 1980s, Ted decided to leave journalism.  Subsequently, he has been the communications director for U of D Mercy, Oakland U, Wayne State, EMU, and Oakland Community College.

Ted’s life took a drastic turn when his son was diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome.  This is a genetic disease that has left him non-verbal with many health issues.  As a result, Ted has given up all of his hobbies and has since devoted all of his time working with his son and those with special needs.

He has been (and is) on the boards of organizations such as the Fragile X Association and Fraxa and has been the communications director for both.  He has written 38 feature stories on Fragile X researchers who are looking for cures or treatments to scale back the disease’s impact. 

Ted is the Executive Director (and communications director – a constant with whatever role he takes on) for The Full Circle Foundation.