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Our Stories

Mark Higbie – Michigan Central Station Art Program

Mr. Higbie describes the artwork at the Station as a “persistent presence” since it was built in 1913. It was the tallest railroad station in the country with the same designers as Grand Central Station in New York. At its peak, 200 trains and 4,000 passengers would pass through daily, and in the floors above, there were 3,000 office workers. In the 1970s, the amount of train travel at the Station dwindled, until it finally closed in 1988.

From the Station’s artistic perspective, there are three acts. Act 1 is its Rise and Fall: It was built with polished marble hallways, with a huge concourse that had skylights, as light was part of its design. Starting in 1988, 30 years of neglect allowed the elements to tear away at the structure. Act 2 is New Voices in the Hall: During this neglect, graffiti artists from around the country decorated the walls and columns. It was vandalism, but skilled, and art found its voice through these murals. Act 3 is Welcome to the Future: Since purchasing the building and surrounding properties in 2018, Ford Motor Co. has pledged to spend $740 to renovate. In addition to bringing the structure to its 1913 glory, some of the graffiti has been archived and all of it has been digitally preserved. New artists have also been hired to bring in new art, some of which can already be seen at the Bagley Mobility Hub. 

To learn more, please visit

Russ Jones – District Governor 
DGJones, a member of the Plymouth Club since 2003, strongly believes in RI’s theme for this year, Create Hope in the World. Every service project, no matter how mundane, creates hope in people that you may never meet and that it’s the rotary moments”, whether it’s a meaningful project or just having fun, that keeps one engaged and active. The creation of hope can come from just one person. 
District 6400’s theme is Be The One. DG Jones believes that everyone should take a leadership role, whether at the board or committee level. 
Topics that are important to our District Governor are (1) the environment, where the District is pursuing a RI global grant to restore the Rouge River; (2) mental health, where there is a Rotary action group that addresses its stigma (; and (3) human trafficking, where he supports attempts to eliminate it in all of its forms, whether  domestic, agricultural, or child. 
There is a District 6400 Foundation Dinner Celebration on 11/9 where past RI president Jennifer Jones will be a speaker. The District Conference will take place from 5/3 to 5/5 at the Amway Grand in Grand Rapids. As Kim Towar noted, the fellowship and knowledge obtained at a conference is where one becomes a Rotarian.  Tickets for both can be purchased at
Judy Florian – League of Women Voters
Proposition 2, which became part of the Michigan constitution in 2022, provides greater voting accessibility and security:
First, all registered voters have a fundamental right to vote a secret ballot in all elections. This means that no law, rule, or regulations can
be adopted to interfere with this.
Second, the outcomes of all elections need to be certified, based on votes cast, by county and state canvassers.
Third, every city and township must offer early voting in statewide and federal elections. This must be open for at least eight hours/day on nine consecutive days at early voting stations (EVS), beginning on the second Saturday before the election and ending on the Sunday before.
Fourth, registered voters can request to be permanently placed on a list to receive absentee ballots before each election.
Fifth, having a photo ID is not required. If a voter has one, they must show it but, if not, they can vote by signing an affidavit.
Sixth, voters can track the status of their ballot and will be provided with an opportunity to correct any mistakes (i.e., no signature).
Seventh, clerks must distribute drop boxes for absentee ballots equitably throughout each city or township.
Michelle Hodges, President & CEO of the Belle Isle Conservancy
The Belle Isle Conservancy’s mission is to protect, preserve, restore, and enhance the natural environment, historic structures, and unique character of Belle Isle as a public park for the enjoyment of all – now and forever. Its focus areas are people, planning, programming, and preservation (and philanthropy). Since its inception in 2012, it has brought in $16 million.
The park is owned by the City of Detroit with the Michigan DNR currently leasing it for 30 years. The Conservancy partners with both to bring additional resources, which includes the management and operation of the aquarium.
The four pillars of the Conservancy’s strategic plan are to be a voice for park users; create valuable programs to enhance the experience; partner with the DNR, the City, and private organizations; and build organizational capacity to support their work. To learn more,
Amanda York – Mason Elementary inclusive playground
(Ms. York was joined by Katrina Bennett, the Mason PTO president).

Mason Elementary’s playground is the oldest in the District and is at the point where parts to fix the equipment are no longer available. The playground is used year-round, and the community is in need of a wheelchair accessible location. A wheelchair sidewalk is very expensive so the design is still being determined and will be finalized based on the funds raised.
The school district does not provide funding for playgrounds, so it is left to the school’s PTO. Through many fundraisers and some
generous donations, they are $12,000 from the base $250,000 needed. Installation is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2024. The ultimate goal is to raise $300,000 to include some much-needed shade structures.
To donate, please visit their website
Maria Miller, CEO of the War Memorial
Ms. Miller is very excited about the recent renovations at the War Memorial, with the ballroom capacity at 300-350, and opening it all up will accommodate up to 600. Over 100 wedding receptions have taken place there this year.
Contrary to popular belief, they are not flush with cash and are trying to grow the endowment. There are many capital needs as the 113-year-old home has water problems and an aging roof. To raise funds, there are many historic preservation and veteran focused grant requests outstanding.
Ms. Miller is invested in making sure the building’s rich history is shared with the community, especially as it pertains to veterans. In addition to Memorial Day and Veterans Day events, there is an existing veterans club, and they collaborate with other veterans’ groups to provide support.
The War Memorial offers 100 unique classes, 70 events, and has 40 partnership collaborations. Ms. Miller is looking at legacy and. historic events to see if any, such as Lawn Games Day, Battle of the Bands, or Summerfest should be brought back. To find out all that it offers, go to
Dean Dauphinais – Families Against Narcotics and Angel Program
Mr. Dauphinais’s son has been in treatment 9 times, with his longest recovery time being two years, and he is currently 31 days clean. His addiction started at age 15, when he started to self-medicate his depression, escalating from marijuana to heroin.
Families Against Narcotics was formed in 2007 and is a grassroots organization, based in Macomb County, that continues to educate individuals, school personnel, and law enforcement about the dangers of drug use and addiction. Mr. Dauphinais joined FAN four years ago and is now its operations and communications manager.
One of its programs is Hope Not Handcuffs, where participating law enforcement agencies allow those seeking drug addiction help to walk in their lobby, ask for it, and FAN will be contacted. A “volunteer angel” will meet the individual and, through FAN, begin the treatment process for them. All of the Grosse Pointes participate in the program. A Common Perspective on Vimeo.
Volunteer Angels are needed and there is a virtual training session scheduled for 9/11 at 6:30pm. Information about this and other FAN programs can be found at
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Nicole Valentini, MSW
Nov 29, 2023
BuildOn Detroit
Renata Conger
Dec 06, 2023
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