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Our Stories
Welcome to our newest member, Cissie Cappola!
She was born and raised in Grosse Pointe Farms and lived outside of Michigan for several years, before moving back to Grosse Pointe in 2017. She joined Rotary to give back to the community of her roots. Cissie introduced Roger Hull to his wife, Jean, so he “owes her big time” and will be her mentor.
Rotarian and Veteran Richard Allison spoke on how he uses family correspondence for hobby writing personal military histories.

He primarily uses war letters written home as his writing material.

“As a rule, I estimate only 10 percent or so of what is written in letters will end up in any story. Most of what is written is boring to the point of dreadful!” Allison said.

But when Allison heard of a chronicle written by Pearl Harbor survivor Paul Harkins (pictured), of the sunken California, he knew he’d found a remarkable story. Paul Harkins’ granddaughter shared the recount with Richard, who was able to present Paul’s plight to the club yesterday.

Paul witnessed the aftermath of an explosion which penetrated the main deck and killed 50 US sailors. He and his men narrowly escaped the area, but still managed save a seriously wounded sailor on board, who with their help, would live.

Allison has written three books about similarly remarkable WWII history, all available on Amazon.
Leading up to 2022, the GP South Interact Club made sure to brighten the holidays for others through several service projects:
Nov 18: The North and South Interact clubs collaborated to make wreaths for a senior living home.
Dec 8: Interacters packed lunches for the homeless filled with snacks and kind, encouraging notes.
Dec 22: Interact celebrated the last day before break with a holiday card-making party. With cookies and music, the club crafted cards for seniors at the Helm.
Allen, age 20, accompanied by his father, Kelly, shared his story about living with Sickle Cell Anemia. Allen spent much of his childhood and teen years in the hospital.
Sickle Cell is a red blood disorder, inherited when both parents carry the gene. Healthy red blood cells are smooth, round, and bendable to easily flow through blood vessels and carry oxygen. With Sickle Cell, the cells can change shape and form a sickle, or crescent. They can become stiff and sticky, blocking blood flow and breaking down inside the blood vessels. The sticking of the blood causes tremendous pain by not allowing oxygen to organs and tissues. Around 100,000 people in the U.S. have Sickle Cell, with 90% being of African descent. The disease likely comes from evolution’s attempt to protect against malaria.
Allen’s symptoms typically start in his lower back and chest and he tries to manage them from spiking through his diet and staying hydrated. Unfortunately, his condition limits his ability to participate in physical activities and swimming.
Despite his battles, Allen was able to graduate high school and is currently learning Japanese with the hope to travel there to study culinary arts and Japanese cuisine. His goal is to become an award-winning Executive Chef.
For a short video on Sickle Cell, go to
Steve was born and raised in Grosse Pointe Woods where he and his three siblings followed the same educational path – St Joan of Arc, Grosse Pte North, and Michigan State. At MSU, he received a degree in Supply Chain Management.
Upon graduation, he worked in Washington DC for IBM and Booz Allen Hamilton over a five-year period. He then worked for three years in IT for Quicken Loans before his current careers at FreightRoll, since 2018, and Hill Mortgage, since 2021. FreightRoll’s primary focus is digitizing bills of lading and post shipment reconciliation. Removing the paperwork from the process, they use tablets to capture signatures and store data. Once items are shipped, they can document overages, shortages, and damage in real time so the parties can begin the claim process. Steve rented office space near Hill Mortgage and eventually joined the company part-time. As an independent mortgage broker, his job is to price loans through several wholesale lenders, such as UWM and Home Point. This job is trending from part-time to full-time.
While working two jobs last year and studying for his mortgage license, to help with stress he read a book called the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. To bring structure to his life, he started following the book’s six-step daily routine: Silence, Affirmation, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing. These steps allow him to think about what he wants to accomplish that day, reflect on things he has done, and examine what he can do to become a better all-around person.
In his free time, he enjoys golf, MSU and Detroit sports, DCFC soccer, attending concerts, and spending times with many of his high school and college friends who live in the area. Steve became engaged to his fiancé Lauren on August 11, 2021 and has plans for a fall wedding.
The club gathered for a night of festivities and fellowship at Cellar 313. It was full of good food, company, and spirits. We’ll see everyone next in 2022.
Cheers to a happy and healthy New Year!
Dave Colton and Rebecca Fannon were officially inducted as Rotarians. Dave has been an honorary member for 16 years, and Rebecca has been a communications specialist for the GP Public School System for… 16 years! The club is thrilled to welcome such experienced and generous individuals.
Gianna House is a pregnancy and parenting residence located in Eastpointe which was a vision in 2009 and became a reality in 2019. Its mission is to provide a safe residence for at-risk, pregnant girls and young women and their newborn infants. They provide spiritual, educational, and parenting support and resources to underserved women in their program. An example of this care is Desiree, who, at age 16, gave birth at Gianna House and was able to find a job and apartment. Due to her child becoming ill, she was unable to work and relied on the organization to provide supplies. Gianna House's care does not evaporate once a woman leaves their program, they continue to be a valuable resource.
Gianna House offers two programs. (1) Resident housing, long-term for up to a year after birth. Its capacity is 8 total (4 moms and 4 infants) ages 18-25 and it hopes to expand to 14 total and include ages 13-17. (2) Community Outreach, supplying parenting classes, baby items, clothing, car seats, and strollers.
There is currently a capital campaign to expand the services available to provide a haven for the young women that come to their doors. Disrupting the cycle of poverty and ensuring stronger, productive families through stable, safe housing has been their recipe for success. To learn more, please visit
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